Shooting interiors is no different to great portrait or landscape photography. It is about capturing beauty and detail.

With interiors, you look for different angles and light to showcase an architects’/interior designer’s vision. I love collaborating with designers, architects and builders who are just as passionate about their craft as I am about mine and working to capture their beautiful spaces.

All images are carefully considered and photographed to capture the architectural design elements and aesthetics.

Every design and build is different and so are your specific needs. So, if you know what you want, then send me through the brief. If not, we can work it out together and develop a shot list that covers all aspects of your design.

Once the brief is complete, I will send through an estimate for your approval and then we can lock in a shoot date.


It’s important to get the space as ready as possible. From my end, any and all information you can get me is super helpful; a floorplan, behind the scenes shots of the build and any reference images that can help plan the shoot.

Like a model usually needs make-up, your space needs styling. Simple touches and a less is more style is the general rule. So, if you have a great eye, go for it. But it can be good to employ an interior stylist.


We meet to go over the shoot. The order of events and if there are any problems. I will start shooting the first series while the other areas are being styled. I love the natural beauty of natural light and it will be my go-to. However, we can introduce studio strobe lighting where needed to highlight textures and features.

During the shoot we can review the images as we go so that you’re happy with the images being captured.

Once the shoot is complete it will take 4-7 business days for your images to be processed. All your photos will be edited in a style that we have agreed on during pre-production.

You will receive high resolution and web images via a private link.



  • Up to 2 hours shooting


  • Up to 4 hours shooting


  • Up to 8 hours shooting

All prices include standard post production of images (editing, contrast, colour, small ‘tidy ups’ of unwanted stains/objects/etc), and digital delivery of high resolution images via Dropbox.

Any additional detailed photoshopping will be quoted/charged separately depending on the nature of the changes and amount of images.

*Pricing is GST exempt under the small business exemption. Rates are current as of March 2021.

*I do not provide RAW, untouched files from your shoot.